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2035 West 183rd Street     Homewood, Illinois 60430

All items are available at the Dorband-Howe House Museum [Tuesday and Saturday 1 - 3 pm.]

[If museum times are inconvenient, call 708-799-1896 to order and arrange for pickup.]

Merchandise may be ordered for shipment (shipping charges will be added).  Call 708-799-1896.


 Homewood Through the Years    SOLD OUT

Homewood Through the Years, by Jim Wright, HHS Vice-President and former Homewood trustee, provides a fascinating look at the history of Homewood in an easily read volume filled with over 250 photographs and illustrations. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the history of the Chicago area and Homewood in particular. Homewood Through the Years provides perfect insight into why generations call this beloved community - “home sweet home”.


Dixie Book cover

 The Dixie Highway in Illinois

Jim Wright’s newest book, The Dixie Highway in Illinois,  features 200 vintage phots with descriptive captions which cover the early history of the highway, taking readers on a journey from Chicago’s Art Institute to the Illinois-Indiana state line east of Danville..




Woven into this coverlet is the Home Sweet Homewood logo and eight of the village’s landmarks.  [Dorband-Howe House, Village Hall and Auditorium, Henry Gottschalk House, Homewood Memorial Garden Cemetery, Illinois Central Railroad Station, Public Safety Building, Ravisloe Country Club, Homewood Public Library)



Four views of Homewood that any resident or visitor will recognize..

$ .50 each.   Postage/handling $1.00 for up to 4 cards.

Gottschalk House

Homewood Historical Society Medallion

Attractive keepsake commemorating the Society’s founding in 1980 (makes and ideal paperweight).


What’s Cookin’ in Homewood

This 292-page cook book, with recipes from appetizers to meats to vegetables to desserts, also has a section dedicated to recipes from Homewood’s finest restaurants


Montage of Contemporary Downtown Homewood

This16”x20” matted and ready-for-framing montage of color photographs is by Carolyn Funk, who won first prize with this entry in the President’s Homewood Art Contest in 2003.


Coin proof Set

Six handsomely mounted and displayed mint-condition coins, each dated 1980, honor Homewood’s founding (includes Kennedy half dollar and Susan B. Anthony dollar..


Other Items

Landmark Individual Prints.  [$6.00]

Homewood Theatre Poster by Richard Haas.  [$10.00]

Landmark Tiles.  [$8.00]

Landmark Note Cards (package of 8).  [$4.00]

Christmas Cards.  [$1.50 each]

Dorband-Howe House lapel pins.  [$4.00]

Bart Jerner Animal Prints [$2.50]

Bart Jerner 8” Waterfowl Collector Plates in Original Boxes [$25.00 each]

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